The End 18x24

Since I was young my biggest fear has been “The End Of The World” whether it be from a Natural Disaster, Meteor hitting Earth, or whatever scare tactics movies in 90’s-00’s popular culture were using to scare the shit out of me. But as I grew older and started to pay attention to Geo Politics, (post 9-11). The fear was replaced by Nuclear War. And If history has taught us anything its that we’ve come way too close to being the masters of our own destruction. 

Now as a grown up I find it therapeutic to let my fears manifest into my work. Which is why the mushroom cloud is such a prominent image in my work. Because it terrifies me, I do try and take a "Tongue in Cheek" approach to it and not seem like a complete pessimist. Like in this “The End Print” The image of a Nuclear Blast being televised as the headline of a Newspaper. The threat is so real and the headlines of Nuclear War are so common now. I kind of have to just laugh at it and poke fun at it. Because if I don’t, I’d probably die of the stress and anxiety. Thank god for Mutual Assured Destruction! 

18x24 in.

Numbered edition of 65

Signed and numbered 

Screenprint on Cream Speckletone paper

Embossed Logo on left corner

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