Illustrator Francisco Reyes Jr was raised in the rioting streets of Compton California. One day Cisco (as his friends call him) walks through the door of Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One in Los Angeles for an art show. Before he walks through the door he points at the sign and tells a friend “One day I’ll work here”. This is the story of how a guy that almost quit design to become a welder ended up working 4’ from one of the biggest names in the art world. Hear his story of dreaming big, but working equally as hard, as he pulls himself through the ranks at Studio Number One, develops a freelance career and launches his own brand Never Made.

Circle of Trust Paid Content
- Francisco gets the call from Shepard Fairy that changes his world.
- Perfecting the Obey style and working within a company look.
- The first time Francisco spotted one of his Obey designs out in the real world.
- Putting your birth name on a project.
- Freelance, Never Made and Obey. The balance of getting it all right and different styles for different jobs.
- Working for a celebrity: the good, bad and how it can bring out the ugly in others.
- How it feels when a political candidate is anti you and your family.
- Mark is the worst white guy ever in Mexico. ALTO!




A group exhibit highlighting today's finest illustrators and designers behind the skate and streetwear industries . VIOLENT BY DESIGN pays homage to the handwork and aggressive dedication put in by the artists who helped create a wildly successful industry for brands such as Rebel8Us Versus ThemRook123KlanPrimitiveObey, and The Hundreds. A dark theme will resonate throughout representing the "killer" in each artist - the hunger to design.