NMXFI Welcome To The Jungle 18x24

Like most Graphic Designers, Artists and Musicians I learned how to screen print in a shack in my backyard. Getting merch printed is pretty expensive. Especially when you're a broke college student/musician. Luckily my mother always supported my hobbies, so she bought me a press. And paid it off selling merch. So teaming up with Los Angeles premiere print shop Family Industries, made perfect sense for me and my journey so far. Together we put this collaboration together as a love letter to the city but also, for the Makers, Punkers, and D.I.Y.'ers out here making it happen. Building from the ground up! Hope you enjoy it! 


Whether you were born here, work here, or just visiting - Los Angeles can feel like a jungle. When the wild can be too much, our communities help us survive. Whether we're printing an artist's work or being inspired by it; the unspoken bond we share as artists and designers has helped us at Family Industries endure LA's harshest elements. With an approach that's uncompromising, honest, and wholly original; Francisco's work embodies the blending together of artist and community. As long admirers of his art, this collaboration is a dream come true for us at Family. Not only did we have the opportunity to work with someone who's continuously inspired us over the years, we get to showcase our passion for bringing great art to life. Screen printing is where it all started for us. It was the entryway into a community we now call home, so we wanted to create a collection that represented that. FamilyMade is a love letter to all the printers, artists, and designers who built this creative community together. You are our Family, and in the jungle of Los Angeles, Family sticks together. 
-Family Industries 
  • 18x24
  • 3 Color Hand Pulled Screen Print
  • True White Speckletone French Paper  
  • Hand signed and Numbered 
  • Edition of 80 
  • Please allow 7-10 days to process and ship your order


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