Shady Dealings

This piece was inspired by Pink Floyds "Wish You Were Here" album artwork. Where two men in suits are shaking hands, while one of them is on fire. I always loved the surreal and haunting quality of that image. Did the man on fire make a deal that sealed his fate? Did he "Sell himself to the devil'? This piece is a commentary on today's politicians and the top 1% that are putting party over country and lobbying for special interest groups. All in the name of money and power. 


  •  18x24
  • Edition of 65
  • Signed and Numbered 
  • Screenprint on True White Speckletone paper
  • Embossed Logo on left corner
  • Please allow 7-10 days to process and ship your order
  • All sales are final


Type: Prints

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