The “Paño” print is my homage to the beautiful hand illustrated tapestries or “paños” (short for pañuelos which means handkerchief in Spanish) usually created by Chicano inmates.

Growing up, I was strictly prohibited from partaking in any kind of gang culture, but as a young kid growing up in ‘90s L.A. it was impossible to completely remove myself from it. I had a huge admiration for gang art and culture. I loved Lowrider Arte Magazine, “Cruising” Oldies and Cholo movies. Nothing’s changed really... 

In the print you’ll find familiar motifs that I use like skulls, roses and women.  But also motifs used in traditional tattoos and Chicano art.




  •  18x24
  • Numbered edition of 65
  • Signed and numbered 
  • Screenprint on  Speckletone paper
  • Embossed Logo on left corner
  • Please allow 7-10 days to process and ship your order
  • All sales are final




Type: Prints

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