Paño 18x24

 The “Paño” print is my homage to the beautiful hand illustrated tapestries or “paños” (short for pañuelos which means handkerchief in Spanish) usually created by Chicano inmates.

Growing up, I was strictly prohibited from partaking in any kind of gang culture, but as a young kid growing up in ‘90s L.A. it was impossible to completely remove myself from it. I had a huge admiration for gang art and culture. I loved Lowrider Arte Magazine, “Cruising” Oldies and Cholo movies. Nothing’s changed really... 

In the print you’ll find familiar motifs that I use like skulls, roses and women.  But also motifs used in traditional tattoos and Chicano art.




  •  18x24 in.
  • Numbered edition of 65
  • Signed and numbered 
  • Screenprint on  Speckletone paper
  • Embossed Logo on left corner
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  • All sales are final



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