Eyes Without A Face

Besides the title being inspired by a Billy Idol song and the 1960's SciFi movie of the same title. This prints origins is rooted in the retro aesthetics of beauty salons. When I was a kid my Tia Flora had her own beauty salon that my mom always dragged me to get her hair did.

Besides the smell of hair dye and other chemicals, I always remember the "Nagel-esque" drawings on the windows, her business cards and flyers. My mom also had that sort of art in our home, it was the 90s... My mom and Tia Flaka later went on to open their own shop in Tijuana and they brought along the same aesthetics with them. 

A lot of my work takes inspiration from Nagels simplified/stylized drawings of women. This print is a direct homage to his aesthetic and to my time spent in a the beauty salon with my mom and tias in the 90s.  




Numbered edition of 65

Signed and numbered 

Screenprint on Cream Speckletone paper

Embossed Logo on left corner

Please allow 7-10 days to process and ship your order

All sales are final


Type: Prints

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