I dropped this collection of shirts specifically for Complexcon. Ideally I would have released a lookbook and video before the event, but production schedules and a bit of un-organization on my part didn't allow for that to happen. I literally got the shirts the day before the event. So I only had time to make mock ups and put them up in the shop.

I've had this idea and vision for a look book for a while. The stars aligned at the right time and Michael Elinn joined the team as photographer and videographer. So we got to work right away and spent the day driving around Long Beach and the South Bay to shoot in the area that I grew up in. I want to contrast the high/low dichotomy of the area. Where on one side of the tracks you've got some pretty hood areas and on the other you've got million dollar mansions.

I wanted to do the shirts justice and make a proper look book and video to give you the vibe and spirit of what I'm trying to build here.

Hope you enjoy!