“Companion” 18x18 - Raymond Argumedo Collab.

I first encountered Raymond Argumedo's work through an unsolicited direct message inquiry about collaboration. Given my cautious approach to such propositions stemming from past experiences, I typically decline. However, his work captivated me instantly, prompting a desire to foster a genuine connection beyond mere acquaintanceship. Our paths finally crossed at Designercon 2019, where our mutual appreciation for art and camaraderie flourished over conversations and some Cerveza.

Over the ensuing five years, our friendship solidified, paving the way for a collaborative endeavor. Feeling comfortable and aligned with Raymond creatively and spiritually, I broached the idea of collaboration, initially envisioning portraits of women, a nod to his signature style. However, upon exploration, this direction felt contrived. It was during discussions about an upcoming collaboration with Shepard Fairey that Raymond expressed interest in incorporating an animal motif. After numerous conversations, it became evident that our cultural and spiritual backgrounds were intertwined.

Drawing from our shared Mexican AmericanHheritage, we embraced the concept of the "Xoloitzcuintle" or "Mexican Hairless Dog" as the focal point of our collaboration. These dogs hold profound significance in Mesoamerican folklore, resonating deeply with our cultural roots. Our collaboration seamlessly intertwines our respective artistic styles, exploring themes of the afterlife and the dichotomy of existence beyond mortality.


The opportunity to collaborate with Francisco unfolded organically, stemming from our mutual admiration for each other's work. As we spent time together, engaging in conversations and sharing experiences, Francisco naturally assumed a mentor-like role, akin to a big brother figure to me. With his extensive experience in the art world and collaborations with artists and bands I've long admired, it felt like a natural progression when he shared the image of the Xoloitzcuintle dog as the cornerstone of our collaboration. It felt as though the universe orchestrated this collaboration, leaving no doubt about its inevitability.



  • 18x18
  • Edition of 85
  • Hand Signed By Francisco and Raymond
  • 3 Color Screenprint on Black Paper


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