King Crybaby (Hand Painted Multiple)

Never Made second limited edition collaboration print with the often imitated, but NEVER duplicated, Richie Velazquez. Better known as  "Deladeso" (@deladeso). He's known for his signature "Grime" aesthetic. I thought if he added his touch to this Crybaby Walker portrait I did, It could make for a nice fine art print. They are all hand painted and different from one another 

Ever since I was a kid, Crybaby was one of my favorite movies. I had no idea who John Waters was-- let alone knew how subversive and controversial he was-- until much later. Still, to me there was no one cooler than Wade "Crybaby" Walker. I watched that movie countless times, and as a result I could quote it or sing the songs at the drop of a hat. Today, at 32 years old, it continues to draw me back to Turkey Point.

I made this illustration about a year and half ago and although I had prints made, I never quite felt that the image warranted a release. However, today marks the 27th anniversary of the movie's opening. I want to honor the legacy of this cinematic masterpiece and make this print available to all of my fellow drapes out there who love this movie as much-- if not more-- than I do.

•Edition of 10

•HPM (Hand Painted Multiple) 


•Coventry Rag Paper 

•Silk Screen 

•Hand numbered and signed by both artists. 

•Hand Painted by Deladeso 



Please Allow 7-10 days after placing order for me to process and ship your order.

All sales final. 

Type: Prints

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