West Hollywood Mural Recap Video

April 24, 2018

West Hollywood Mural Recap Video

The best word to describe the feeling after completing my first mural is, Proud. I've been wanting to dip my toes into the mural world, but never felt like I was quite ready for it, so I never pursued it.

I've been fortunate enough to help my friend and co worker Shepard Fairey on a handful of big murals. So I had a pretty good grasp on the process. When my good friend and co worker Ananiaz Chairez presented me the opportunity to put a mural up in his coffee shop, i knew it was the perfect chance for me to practice on a descent sized mural.

Besides some minor setbacks and having the room full of people next door complaining about the fumes, it was a success. 

P.s Turns out one of the people in that room was the mayor of West Hollywood. Sorry Mr. Mayor! 

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