Never Made x Move In Silence Collab

January 29, 2017

Never Made x Move In Silence Collab

If you rep the 310 and not the 424 😂 this pin is for you!

 I have a lot of pride in growing up in the South Bay. Specifically, Carson, one of top 5 most diverse cities in the country (Google it). Growing up in this city, and surrounding areas really formed the man I've become today. I had friends of every walk of life. It really showed to have love for everyone.

I came up with the idea of having "hit up" lettering with a heart instead of a zero, and brought it to my tattooer @Oscarmontestattooer he then blasted it on my wrist. When Move in Silence  approached me about doing a collaboration I knew  we had to add a 310 to his area code pin series.

We went ahead and added this to go along with our "Chuco" Collab. Because Boulevard Nights is a bit of an unsung hero when it comes to the more popular titles in the "Cholo Genre" of movies.


Make sure to visit Movin in Silence Store !!!

Trying to put my city on the map!

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