Los Angeles Patches and Pins Expo

June 12, 2017

Los Angeles Patches and Pins Expo

In November of last year, I was invited to be a part of the Los Angeles Patches and Pin Expo. I have been wanting to distance Never Made from being typecasted or seen as only a pin company. Nothing against pin companies, I was thrusted into the pin game by accident and isn’t my main focus.

Therefore, as a social experiment, this past weekend at the expo, I decided to stand out and make a statement by giving all of my pin inventory away for free.

Sure enough, I got heads turning, glares being given by this move. Shit paid off though.

To disrupt the norm, everyone that got a free pin on Saturday had to post and tag me on Instagram with the hashtag #YourPinSucks.

I wanted to come in there, stand out from the other vendors and make an loud statement. Even the simple details of not using the standard table and two chair set up. I made it my own, and created the set up with my couch and table. It made it more comfortable for supporter to walk up and talk it up with my team and I.

Overall, the event was a success in my eyes solely for the fact that I got to meet and talk with so many of new and old supporters; thanking them personally for their continued support. With that being said, I bow out the pin game. #YourPinSucks

Your Pin Sucks from Never Made on Vimeo.


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