At The Drive IN x Never Made @ The Shrine/Expo Hall

May 19, 2017

At The Drive IN x Never Made @ The Shrine/Expo Hall

Welcome back everyone. This month, we got another music show for you. For this blog, we bring to you, At the Drive In! This show was special because I had the privilege and honor to design the event poster for the Los Angeles show at the Shrine/Expo Hall.
As I have discussed in previous blogs, music has played a huge influence in my creative process, art, and in my life. Just like how I discovered AFI, another favorite band of mine, I discovered At the Drive In on the public access show, Punk-O-Rama. Came on every Saturday night at midnight. My friend and I would watch it every Saturday. Even if we missed a night, he would still have it set on a timer on his VCR to record it. We watched it religiously and discovered so many great bands like At the Drive In.
Fast forward to 2017, I had been following Cedric, lead singer of At the Drive In, on Instagram. Seeing that they were coming out with a new album and were touring again, I decided to slide in his DM, and see if he was down for me to create a design for a shirt. I had a feeling that he wouldn’t see it or read it because he doesn’t know me and just some random fan. What’s the worst that can happen? He says no? Fuck it! To much of my surprise and honor, he replied back saying that he liked my style. The simple and straight to the point design was what he dug about it. He proposed that I should design the event poster for their Los Angeles show at The Shrine/Expo Hall. Even better! With him telling me what the concept and direction he wanted for the poster being about how African gangsters and warlords have hyenas as pets, he wanted to incorporate those aspects with it and a faceless police officer holding it. Getting straight to work and only one round of revisions, we came to this dope ass design:
And thanks to Cedric, he was able to get the crew and I backstage and to the show. We got to hang backstage and brown down with Cedric and Omar about art and latin american history. I’ll tell what, Omar really knows his shit. That was one of the coolest and deepest conversation we have had in some time. So, thanks Omar for laying down some knowledge on us.
We also got some clean shots of us and Cedric signing the posters we designed for the event. It was another check off the design bucket list, seeing the poster you designed for a band that you have been listening to since you were a teenager, being signed by them, right next to your own. It was an honor and pleasure doing this project to say the least.
If that was just it and all we did was hang out and talk with them, that would have been cool, but we still had the show to watch. I had seen At the Drive In before, but it had been some years since that last time. Those guys have not missed a step. With them being a decade older than me, they were able to pack a house and put on one hell of show. Cedric is still the same energetic crazed man on stage; stage diving into the crowd, climbing on the amps and jumping off. The crowd was going off and singing their hearts out for every song. They mainly played songs from their new album,
IN·TER A·LI·A, and their classic album Relationship of Command.
It was a sick ass show, great performance by the band and an amazing experience to work with At the Drive In. I hope for those that were at the show, enjoyed it as much as we did and liked the poster. Check out the amazing video of the event shot by our talented videographer Michael.
‘Till next. NOODLEZ!

At The Drive-In x Never Made Collab from Never Made on Vimeo.

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