She - Studies

She-Studies is a series of illustrations exploring the different feelings and emotions I usually keep to myself. Much like a poet gets their feelings out on paper, mine manifested in these illustrations. They all have their unique story but tie together using the beautiful female form.

"Paper Doll"

About 3 years ago, an ex-girlfriend of mine was in a terrible car accident. The car she was a passenger in flipped over, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. To date, it was one of the gnarliest things that anyone close to me had ever gone through (knocks on wood).


This piece is directly related to the "Paper Doll" print. Our legs get us from point A to point B without us giving it much thought because we've been doing it since about the age of 2. However, that can all change in the blink of an eye. We take it for granted and don’t realize that our ability to walk can be taken away. That shit scares the fuck out of me! It makes me grateful to have my legs and my health—you never know when it can be gone.


"Shitty Is Pretty"

This piece is a subversive twist on beauty and vanity; the grittiness of a cigarette juxtaposed with the striking female form. It evokes the vintage cigarette ads that glamorized smoking while touting its “great” health benefits-- when in reality, the effects on the body are pretty ugly… but ugly doesn't sell!

"The Art of Drowning with My Woes"

This piece was named after one my favorite AFI records The Art of Drowning, while the numerical character is a little ode to the 6 god, Drake. These two references are lightyears away from each other, but come together in this piece as a representation of my varied musical taste.


This piece is an exploration of the ups and downs of depression, health, and religion.

•Set of 4 silk screen prints
•Off white Coventry Rag paper
•Two 12x12 prints
•Two 9x12 prints
•Hand Signed
•Hand Numbered
•Editions of 65

Please allow 7-10 days for your order to be processed and shipped.

*IMAGE IS NOT THE ACTUAL PRINTS YOU WILL RECEIVE. IT IS A REPRESENTATION OF THE PRINTS (i.e., edition number you will receive is not 1/65).



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