Never Made Flash Sheet 3 18x24

The long waited Part 3 of the NM flash sheet is here! The first two are sold out, so if you haven't picked one up yet here is your chance!

The thick gauged liner guns American Traditional tattooists use is a direct influence on much of my work. I am an avid collector of these tattoos myself, and their appeal lies in their simplicity, boldness, and timelessness. They will never truly go out of style and I'd like Never Made to have that sort of legacy.

This print is an ode to the adorned walls of tattoo shops with a graphic design twist-- a Graphic Design flash sheet, if you will. Some of the illustrations featured in the print never had a specific purpose, but made while toying with different ideas. I thought it would be cool to compile them all together and present them in a big collage.

  • 18x24 in.
  • 2 Color Screenprint on 80lb French Paper  
  • Hand signed and Numbered 
  • Edition of 80 
  • All sales final 

Type: Prints

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